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At leadingmediator – professional mediation services provider, we think people deserve a better way of settling arguments than battling it out in the courts.

If you are implicated in any dispute – whether it stems from a divorce or separation, a workplace situation or civil and commercial claim – then mediation is a simpler and less expensive solution.

We are the go-to mediation services experts throughout London for this fast-growing alternative to the traditional mediator route.

By seeing the picture – not just one side or the other – our professional mediation services work to resolve disputes quickly and keep costs to a minimum.

Our professional mediation services

Explore our full range of mediation services. We offer support on call and throughout London – helping in conflict, sort out their dispute and move further in life.

Family mediation

Sort out your disputes with our professional family mediation services. We help you resolve separation and divorce agreement service, child arrangements, financial agreements and other family matters.

Children mediation

Give your children the stylish start in life following your separation with a result that works for all the family. We help you with child guardianship, childcare arrangements, and other matters. Move forwards with the help of us.

Property and finance mediation

Sort out property and financial disputes with the help of us. We help resolve disputes between separating and divorcing couples who want to find a fair and workable result to all the property and financial issues. Move forwards with the help of us.

Civil and commercial mediation

Solve commercial disputes the cost effective way with professional mediation services. We work with people and businesses in dispute, resolving your differences through negotiation. Settle your commercial disputes with expert mediation services.

Workplace mediation

The objective of workplace mediation is to defuse tension, service working relationships, find robust results and ultimately repair harmony to the organization. Set workplace disputes with the help of us. We help with disputes between employees, issues arising from grievance or disciplinary proceedings, unfair treatment including harassment and bullying, payment issues and more.

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What our clients say

We are proud to have helped many people resolve their differences with professional mediation services. For the majority of our clients,mediation has helped them come to a conclusion within just a few sessions.

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our clients have to say.

“Thank you for your patience in dealing with our mediation. To be honest without your support I doubt I would have been able to deal with it….Now I can look forward to the clean break we both want and move on with my life.” (Male client upon completion of a children, finance and property mediation.

“You are very good at your job and I wish everything in divorces went as smoothly!”

Mediation services have allowed us to move to a positive conclusion with short time consuming, which previously had seemed highly unlikely without court proceedings. I am very pleased with the mediation process and the way it was conducted throughout London.Get the best mediation services london with us.

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