Barrister and Mediator

“Joseph stands out amongst his peers as a top commercial silk, with his unrivalled technical expertise and ability to find the ‘needle in the haystack’ that wins your case. Joseph is definitely someone you would want on your side in any complex commercial dispute”

About Me

My practise is a blend of Advisory, Drafting and Court appearances through litigation. I have been described in Court as an “Iron fist in a velvet glove”

Legal 500 says “he puts people at ease exceptionally easily”

With 35 years of experience building my skills, I put my clients’ best interests front and centre. I am a problem solver and deliver sensible and appropriate solutions whilst being “one of the most approachable and friendly KC’s we have had the pleasure to instruct”

“Exemplary technical and analytical skills” “Excellent choice of barrister for sensitive complex commercial litigation” “His skills in presenting the case were sublime… assertive, succinct and shrewd”

My Practise areas are defined more specifically on the Practise areas page. More generally they embrace Business and Commercial law, Chancery commercial: Alternative Dispute Resolution and Mediation : Bar Standards Board and Bar Council accreditation for Direct [Public] Access: All Litigation embracing all stages from preparation to trial proceedings: Civil and Criminal Fraud investigations / allegations including FCA instituted proceedings: Professional Discipline and Negligence: Sports disputes of every type and nature.

I have lived and worked in the offshore jurisdiction of Bermuda which operates under an American style fused profession model. I enhanced my overall skill sets by learning in effect how to think, work, and conduct myself just as a solicitor would in the UK. Most attorneys at law in Bermuda perform advocacy as well as hosting office based practises for lay clients.

I get the most pleasure in this profession from knowing I have made a difference to someone’s life: if I have genuinely helped someone through the difficult process of litigation to a successful outcome, whether through a Court order and Judgement or a compromise and agreement to settle differences outside of the formal Court processes, then my work is done and I am fulfilled.