“ Joseph Giret KC concentrates purely on Civil law, achieving high praise for his energy and acumen as a business and commercial silk in the UK…he is totally honest in his dealings with the public and his clients”

Here follows a selection of testimonials that have been written about me by grateful clients: the purpose is to acquaint the reader with a sense of the skill sets I have and bring to any case.


Adam Sheen Solicitor “What made the injunction particularly tricky was not simply the uncharted territory the injunction covered, but also, the sheer volume of evidence and presenting this in a user friendly way that it would “hit the judge between the eyes. Joseph Giret KC handled this with aplomb and took the difficulties encountered in his stride. His genius was to anticipate the problems (many of which were practical as well as legal), for example, how best to deal with best part for 200 wtiness statements, which may arise, advice on how to deal with them. Following his advice, the application sailed through in Court and the problems which could have arisen were surmounted before they arose…….in addition to the speed at which he understood the issues, digested the information and devised an ingenious method of presenting this to the Court to advance his arguments, Joseph Giret KC demonstrated an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of the law in question. He dealt with vast and complex issues of human rights and difficulties previous similar injunctions had not faced before”.


Paul Prikryl Solicitor “We have instructed Joseph Giret KC on a matter of commercial dispute of high value before the Hight Court involving difficult legal concepts of trust and fiduciary duties relating to the an acquisition and thereafter disposal of business assets involving the rules of the Solicitors regulation Authority and arguments about business valuations. This matter was of an unusually complex character given the nature of the issues involved and somehow uniquely there were no direct previous precedents available known to either party which would enable them to establish the platform of guidance to assist the Court to resolve the matters in dispute. Joseph Giret KC handled these matters with grace and understanding of the real issues at stake……Joseph Giret’s commercial acumen, legal prowess and his genuine care and interest in his clients’ cases make him a determined and persuasive advocate in Court as well as reliable and positive support throughout a case….He is flexible in approach, always fights hard to advance his cases and has a particular ability for progressing difficult and complicated cases where others have failed. Mr Giret is truly an invaluable asset to any commercial team and we will not hesitate to instruct him again and again”


Bernard Lazar Licensed Professional Access “I am the Managing Director of Navigo Law Ltd a firm which provides specialist legal services through the Licensed Professional Access Scheme.
We instructed Mr Joseph Giret KC for one of our international clients. This matter was a highly complex mix of commercial and criminal claims involving six Defendants and two Claimants in multiple Jurisdictions. It was a high value claim, of $20 million, in the High Court and involved complex legal arguments around; contract, jurisdiction, offshore investment vehicles, and financial instruments as well as accusations of misrepresentation, deceit and conspiracy.
Joseph was initially instructed at short notice to draft a Defence for our client. Joseph had to review the Claimant’s bundles comprising in excess of 20,000 pages and respond to a Particulars of Claim of some 52 pages in length.
Joseph quickly put the client and us at ease with his competence, expertise and ability to quickly understand the underlying facts and commercial position. The client was often overseas and travelling and so, at times, there were some delays in providing key information. However, nothing fazed Joseph, and despite the tight timeline, complexity and added pressure he calmly and professionally completed the required work, sometimes working through nights and weekends to ensure the timeline was met with the highest quality output possible.
Joseph was flexible and pragmatic in his approach, and, importantly for us, understood the ‘real world’ business, commercial and operating challenges that exist in the sector and environment our client operated in. This knowledge combined with Joseph’s extraordinary legal, technical expertise and attention to detail resulted in a formidable Defence being produced for our client.
Joseph, went on to support our client with the drafting of an amended Defence (resulting from the Claimant re submitting their Particulars of Claim, partly due to the original Defence drafted by Joseph) and the subsequent drafting of a strike out application for our client, which provided the necessary detail for our subsequent negotiations with the Claimant and which resulted in a very positive outcome for our client.
Joseph stands out amongst his peers as a top commercial silk, with his unrivalled technical expertise and ability to find the ‘needle in the haystack’ that wins your case. Joseph is definitely someone you would want on your side in any complex commercial dispute.
I would happily instruct Joseph again and would not hesitate to recommend him in any commercial and/or business related dispute where legal complexity and extra-ordinary expertise are required”.


Baroness Helena Kennedy of the Shaws KC “I have known Joseph Giret KC for 13 years as a junior member of my profession during which time I have come to know him well…Joseph…concentrates purely on civil law, achieving high praise for his energy and acumen as a business and commercial law practitioner; he has become well recognised as a commercial silk in the UK….he is totally honest in his dealings with the public and his clients. I believe him to be a person of moral standing and trustworthiness”


Charles Long Solicitor “We pride ourselves in only working with the very best counsel / barristers and we put Joseph Giret into this category. We regard him extremely highly in the firm. His client care and legal knowledge are on a level as you would expect of a person appointed to the rank of one of Her Majesties Queens Counsel and is of the highest order and unsurpassed in my opinion…his abilities in managing the most complex facts, legal issues, law and case management are superb”


John Whitfield Barrister and KC “Having had a close business relationship, and, through that a personal friendship, I am able to speak of him both as a practitioner and as a person. I regard Mr Giret as a man of the utmost integrity. In both personal and professional dealings, I have found him to be honest, decent, and trustworthy. He is reliable and a man of his word”


M. Halter Direct Access client “Mr Giret was instructed in the later stages of the Litigation, at iour first case meeting I felt extremely confident that Mr Giret had the required skill sets to bring my claim to a successful conclusion due to the manner in which he made me feel at ease and his immediate grasp of the matter in hand, and in particular how he had assimilated matters that had been ongoing for twenty years…..”


C. Sollis Head Armed Forces Legal Aid Authority “I have had the pleasure of instructing Joseph Giret in many cases, and sought his wise counsel in several other matters. Joseph was involved in a number of high profile, difficult and unusual cases, and approached each case and each client defendant with his customary tenacity and a strong determination to do right by his client and for justice. In all my dealings with Joseph, I have found him to be courteous, honest and pragmatic, with a keen sense of justice”


Lay client [anonymised] “Joseph, I and my family will be forever in your debt. There are not enough words to express our gratitude. You conduct yourself with the utmost integrity and professionalism and exceptional attention to detail….”