To give students a resource that can guide them towards a meaningful result, we are publishing a series of articles that describe mediation as a tool of the legal profession. We hope that you will find this series informative and helpful as you consider the different roles that mediation barrister may play in an individual’s life.

In other words, mediation is not an exact science. It is essential to be aware of your limitations and what tools you have at your disposal. No matter how experienced you are at a mediation, you should still strive to be as prepared as possible. There is no substitute for a well-thought-out plan. Mediation can be a game of degrees.

I have seen very competent mediators lose control of the discussion. I have seen mediators simply repeat the same information over and over again. In mediation, there are no right or wrong answers. The most important thing is to have a plan that works for you and your client.

Best Mediation Barrister in UK

best mediation barrister

Joseph Giret KC gives you a head start when it comes to negotiating a compromise settlement through Mediation; he has been called an “iron fist in a velvet glove” and “puts people exceptionally easily”, exactly the qualities required to be firm but fair in any settlement negotiations for Alternative Dispute Resolution and Mediation. “Joseph was flexible and pragmatic in his approach, and importantly for us, understood the ‘real world’ business, commercial and operating challenges that exist in the sector and environment our client operated in”.

To choose the top mediation barrister for your needs, two things should be done. The first is to read with care the barrister’s website and his or her chambers public website. Afterward, a conversation with that barrister can be arranged through the barrister’s clerk. A thorough read-through and noting the barrister’s approach and commitment to mediation and credentials should be undertaken. If the web site is helpful, then a shortlist of pros and cons of the mediation process and the suitability of the barrister to the mediation of the dispute in question and any other relevant concerns can be made. The barrister spoke directly to ask the questions that are not answered on the website.

Top 5 Qualities Of The Best Mediation Barrister

Barrister offers their clients legal advice whenever required. We offer consistent as well as commercial advice. We also draw on our proficiency in mediation and other alternatives to litigation.

The Best Commercial Barrister Have Following Qualities

Good Communicator

The best mediation barrister must be orally articulate, have excellent written communication skills, and be good listeners. To argue convincingly as well as okay public speaking skills are essential. Communication and speaking skills may be developed during your studies by taking part in activities like general public speaking.

A barrister must be a good listener, a perfect communicator, and excellent written conveying skills. To deliver the case before juries, a barrister must be outstanding at communication skills.

Analytical Quality

A great barrister must therefore have the evaluative skills to opt which are the most suitable. Both the study involves absorbing large quantities of information, then having to distill it into something manageable as well as logical. At times, there will be more than one logical end or more than one precedent valid to resolving a situation.

Decision Making Quality

You may judge a good barrister while testing the decision-making skills and identify the potential areas of a downgrade in your reasons that need to be altered to be utilized against you. With the help of a barrister, you may find the weak points in the argument of the opposition party.

Research Quality

A best commercial barrister can research rapidly, which helps comprehend your clients, their requirements and prepare legal strategies.

top mediation barrister

Interpersonal Quality

A good barrister has excellent interpersonal skills and can trust his clients and whom they work with. While presenting a case, the barrister should be able to read how jurors react to statements and testimony. They require reading witnesses well sufficient to recognize whether the individual’s testimony is honest as well as unbiased.

Barrister should persuade clients to follow their advice or convince the opposition to negotiate a resolution. Requires the capability to read people and figure out the perfect approach to take while making your points.

Choosing the best mediation barrister is essential as he is responsible for all the curriculum of a case. The great barrister is creative and does not interrupt the judge as well as an opponent in between. He continuously invests his time in researching as well as concluding something meaningful with logical skills.

Is a Barrister required for Mediation?

If the case involved a barrister in your case, it would be expected for a barrister to participate in arbitration with your lawyer. Barristers can play a valuable role in advising you on settlement proposals and drafting any settlement agreement, which is essential in more extensive and more complex claims.

How much does a mediator charge?

Mediators’ fees are usually calculated using either a fixed fee method or hourly rates, agreed upon with the parties in advance. The charges vary depending upon the value of the claim and the mediator’s experience. However, it is customary for the parties to split those charges evenly (so you pay half and your opponent pays the other half). To appreciate the likely costs of the mediator, you will need to bear in mind:

Does the mediator charge an hourly rate or a fixed fee?

Does the mediator charge for additional work before or after the mediation?

Does the mediator charge for expenses or disbursements?

Are cancellation fees payable and, if so, on what basis?