“Legal 500 recommended”

“One of the most approachable and friendly KC’s we have had the pleasure to instruct”


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Civil & Commercial Mediator

“I am a highly experienced barrister and KC, business and commercial litigator and now business and commercial mediator. I now devote my commercial and business expertise and experience to helping all people, in all disputes, to help to resolve these disputes outside of otherwise lengthy, expensive, unfair and unproductive formal legal processes in court. Mediation is the ‘key’ which unlocks deadlock and disputes. I am the “locksmith” that helps unpick otherwise locked disputes”.

“Iron fist in a velvet glove”
“He puts people at ease exceptionally easily”
“Legal 500 recommended”
“his skills in presenting the case were sublime…..assertive, succinct and shrewd”

What is business mediation?

Joseph is a Legal 500 recommended Q.C and Silk. He is an acknowledged leader of both individuals and teams, described as having “exemplary technical and analytical skills” and an “excellent choice of barrister for sensitive complex commercial litigation”

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution – an alternative to going to court. It is much quicker and cheaper than court proceedings. and you can still go to court later if the mediation fails.

We set aside a few hours, or a whole day, depending how complicated the dispute is. We get everyone together in one place, but with each side in their own room. i shuttle between the two sides and ask careful probing questions to understand the key issue.

I don’t decide anything for you, but i will help guide you to a settlement if there is one to be had.

The vast majority of mediations settle on the day, saving everyone enormous amounts of the time and money which would be otherwise spent on court proceedings.


My fees are based on the amount of money being disputed (including legal costs):
Up to £25,000 (half day) £800 (£400 per party)
£25,000 – £50.000 (full day) £1600 (£800 per party)
£50,000 – £100,000 (full day) £3000 (£1500 per party)
Above £100,000(full day) Enquire

Half day is four hours Full day is at eight hours , Additional time is charged pro-rata.
I have many years experience dealing with negotiatons and dispute.

Joseph’s commercial and business expertise..

“He is a formidable advocate, analyst and lawyer and he approached this case with a great deal of common sense and pragmatism”
“Joseph Giret KC worked tirelessly on the case with an incredible level of attention to detail”
“Very complex and evidential issues were presented in an assertive, succinct and shrewd manner, which were of great assistance to the judge”